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Editor in chief

Dimitar Vatsov

Manuscript editor

Martin Kanoushev


Editorial Board

Albena Hranova

Blagovest Zlatanov

Boyan Znepolski

Boyan Manchev

Elitza Stanoeva

Mila Mineva

Milena Iakimova

Snejanka Mihaylova

Vanya Serafimova


Advisory Board

Amy Allen

Chantal Mouffe

Christo Todorov

Dimitar Denkov

Dimitri Ginev

Georgi Fotev

Ivan Elenkov

Ivaylo Ditchev

Kolyo Koev

Krassimir Stojanov




About Critique and Humanism Journal


Critique and Humanism Journal is founded in 1990 and it is the first independent academic journal in Bulgaria. Since it was founded the journal was published by Human and Social Studies Foundation – Sofia.


Critique and Humanism is a journal for human and social studies. It has interdisciplinary profile with an accent on contemporary political philosophy and social theory. The journal principally aims at stimulating and giving publicity to the critical reflections of human and social sciences on chief issues of contemporary societies.


The journal is open for papers, searching for theoretical critical rethinking of the changing social world, as well as for empirical social researches, analyzing crucial social and civil problems in Bulgarian, European and global contexts.

Critique and Humanism Journal appears in thematic issues. The theme of the issue stresses a crucial scientific and/ or social problem that gives the frame of the studies published in the issue. The theme of each issue is announced in advance and points to the specific research accents in the politics of the journal.


Each issue is collected by “issue editor” in cooperation with the associate editors of the journal.


The regularity of the journal is as it follows:

  • until 2007 – two regular theme issues per year in Bulgarian and special issues in English
  • 2008 – 2009 – three regular theme issues per year in Bulgarian and special issues in English
  • since 2010 – four regular theme issues per year in Bulgarian and special issues in English


Critique and Humanism Journal works in a wide international network of authors and scientific institutions. The journal is member of the European online network of cultural and academic editions Eurozine. It is available online at Cеntral and Eastern European Online Library too.


For more information see the independent analysis of the journal series by associate prof. Dobrin Todorov (here).